You did an excellent job in presenting a quality catalog for all the world to reference. After reading some of the other artists' credentials and seeing their work, I'm flattered my art was selected to be included among them.


Best wishes,
Leonard Rattini



I did get my book and it is terrific! Thanks so much for having me be a part in this!


Robert Becker



The books are just arrived. Everything is perfect.
Thank you very much.


Artistically yours,
Caroline Degroiselle



This book is excellent! It has alot of great art and I feel super lucky to be included!


Timothy Taylor



I've received the books, very nice and professional. Thank you.


Christopher Zhang



I am soooo excited about the book!


Marina Reiter



I received the book already, thank you for the fast delivery.
I really like the content and layout, my compliments on this very nice publication!


Younhee Yang



Book looks gorgeous and arrived today.


Judith Monteferrante



The books were nicely done and very impressive. I certainly am satisfied with the quality. Thanks,


Don Taylor



I am really pleased to see the quality of work that is presented in them and like I said before I am honored that I was included. Take care and have a wonderful life and I hope you and your group continue to do the good work.


Sigridur Hjaltadottir





Just received my books and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Congratulations on a Great job. Fantastic!!!


Helen Parlevliet



The book looks fantastic, thank you so much for being so creative and help artist to be known.
I really appreciate it.


Wishing you all the best.
Marco giollo



Thank you, we received our two books.
They look awesome, very good quality and great art work.
Very good job!


Regards, dejo
Toyism Studio



The book looks great! I am very pleased with the way my work is represented, and the whole book looks very professional.


Rick Davies



I have received the book “International Contemporary Artists”.
It is very beautiful, also the paper is beautiful.


Best Regards
Nanda Rago



Hi All,
I received my book today, I think it is a wonderful design, how do we go about that?
Thank you again, I love the book!!


Mark Weber



The book looked great and I really appreciate you to let me involved in such nice artists.
Thanks a lot, and wish the best for you and the book.


Yuki Nishimura



Yes, i received the book and i 'm very satisfied about the quality, it looks very nice and professional.
Good work

Best regards
Chokri Ben-Amor





I received the books in the mail today, and they are beautiful. I'm very pleased. Thank you for inviting me to participate and to provide artwork for such a lovely art book. Carol Dallas


I received my book today and love it. You did a nice job selecting all of the talented artists. I will definitely enjoy reading about each artist.


Thank you!
Lillyan George



Book arrived today......very nicely done publication.I'm pleased to have been included.


Bob Sanov



I have received the 3 books few days ago in good standing and I appreciate the quality of the contain.
Bravo! Cheers!
Good work.


Ferenc SEBOK
artist painter



Dear ICA,


I received the Book today, It is so beautiful, Thank you very much for your valuable support.





Hello! I received the books today, and I want to thank you very much for that! I have a great respect for you!


Best regards,
Catalin Alexandru Chifan



I'm glad to inform you that the book is arrived!!!! Thank you so much for your work. it is really beautiful!! My copy is black and white but I'll try to buy a color copy in the next future... great artists! they are really interesting!


Thank you so much


Warm greetings
Elena Del Fabbro :)



I received the 2 books I applied and I must say they look beautiful. I´m very glad and proud of being represented in a book like that.


Hope things are fine with you - and once again thanks for a super result :-)


Anja Etwal-Nielsen



The book looks fabulous! Well done! Congrats to all of you!


So once again THANK YOU! I am a very happy boy today! hurrah!


With my warmest regards,
Kristof Galas



WONDERFUL. thank you very much. High quality





A great thanks for the quality of the book.
Again thank you for your kindness, efficiency and professionalism, and I hope we'll keep in touch.


Thanks and to very soon I hope!!!!
paul vigne



Hi my name is Ronald Walker and my art appears in your book. I just wanted to thank you for publishing such a high quality book with a very interesting collection of artist!


A beautiful edition, I'm happy. Good luck with your work.
Frans Veenhoven



An impressive collection of artworks!!
The printing and quality of the paper enhances the works.
Milanda de Mont



It is very good: the colors’ reproduction is of high quality and the presentation of each artist essential but refined.


Best regards.
P.E. Volpe



I received the books today and they look great! Super layout, wonderful colors.
I am proud to be in it.


All the best,
Nadia Plesner



I received the book today & think it looks great with a nice variety of artists.
Thank you.


Bonnie White



I am happy to say that the books got here safe and sound...


We are pleased with a job well done...


Thank You,
Lise King



Hello I.C.A.,


I received the Books today. Thank you very much. Well done, it is a Beautiful Publication with Great Art!
Thanks, again,
Best Regards,


Jack Cymber





The 2 copies of the book arrived today.
Congratulation, it is very well done. Good job !
Thanks for your patience and determination.


Raymond Quenneville



I received the book and it looks great!
Thanks a lot and let's hope many people get to see the book!
Many kind regards,


Jaap de Vries



Hi Julia,


I just received the ICA book and looks great. I like the variation in mediums and can't wait to see the book in color. Job well done!


Thank you
Monrud Becker



thank you,
the book is really good. congratulations!!!!


Best regards
Vania Stefou