Beautiful book, good artists and reliable and professional curators and publisher.


Olga Kvassova



This is to inform you, that we have received the art books.
Volume III was splendid. So is Volume IV. For the presentation as well as the judicious choice of the images.
Good luck to the whole collection.


Best regards,
Michel Doret



Hi!!! My books arrived today and they're BEAUTIFUL!!! I feel so honored to have been selected to participate! thank you so much!!!


Kate Elizabeth, Santa Monica CA



It is with pleasure I just received my two books. I am very happy of the presentation, selection of the art pieces and printing quality.
Thanks to everyone involved in the production of this publication.
Congratulations for the work.





I have received the book(2) this morning. I love it....!


I appreciate the high quality work and the research on it very much and the way it is published and printed. So elegant, modern and beautiful.
I find the note from Eve, the publisher felicitously done, that´s exactly what we all do, show or world in a special way, everyone of us artists. Thank you also to Olga.
It is a pleasure to watch out and see how many different views of art there are, how extraordinary. If ever you organize a juried exhibition, I would love to participate.


Thank you and congratulations.
"J ´adore"


Best Regards
Coco de Jardin



Thank you :D the book arrived in perfect form. I am glad and I look forward to my future expositions with ICA book keeping me company and lending a professionalism touch to my art's public image.
I wish you all the best and all the abundance.
Have an excellent week.


Best Regards,
Ariani Rae
AV Green Trade SPRL



The book has arrived and it is beautiful! Thank you for this great opportunity. I would be very interested in the future possibilities to publish my artwork.
It was very nice to read about Eve Lemonidou and Olga Antoniadou - wonderful women behind this big project. My personal thanks to you, Julia for your constant communication and help and for making my participation possible.


Dania Shmotolokha



I received the books and I was very pleased with the quality. My paintings are in very good company. I photographed my spread and reproduced it on my website page and have received many comments and congratulations of my acceptance into this quality book. I intend on bringing this book to future shows that I enter. Thank you for your hard work pulling this project together.


Sincerely,William Dunkley.



I did receive my 4 books, thank you.
I would like to add that I think the book is excellent, both in content and presentation.
What a variety of wonder art in one book.
Thank you.


Frank Hoeffler



I received my two books in excellent condition and thought they looked great!
I'm happy to be included in such a first-rate collection of art .


Best wishes, Anna Mullin



I have received the books I ordered and I love it! It looks great, the paper, the printing…
Thank you so much again, please keep me posted on future projects!
All the best from Hollywood!


Christina Czybik



The book just arrived. It is full of beautiful art.
I am honored to be included.
Thank you and congratulations!


Kimberli Cummings
Tampa, Fl.



The beautiful book arrived. Fantastic work, good print and layout.
Thank you to all.


Best greetings from Düsseldorf


Sonja Kalb



I just received my two books and & love them!!!
Great work- everyone looks so WONDERFULLLL


Biljana Banchotova



The book is beautiful! Very elegant and the choice of artists is impressive.


Best Regards,
Marlene Siff



The book is beautiful. The layout looks great and the color is good. I'm honored to be a part of this publication. Thank you again for this opportunity.


Samantha Haring



I received the book last day, I'm happy to be part of it, to share it with all those artists from all over the world.
Best regards
Tina Di Paola


Forgive the delay! I received my books this past week and am totally awed by being a part of such a talented lot! Thank you all!!


SL Wickham



I received my two books and thank you very much.
I appreciate the quality of works and I'm delighted with my participation.


Daniel Roucoux



It is very interesting to see what artists all over the world do.
This book is a worthy addition to my collection of art books.


Ivan Shevchenko



My books arrived today. Beautiful it was and loaded with so many great artists with all kinds of expressions.


Best regards,
Elisabeth Nitteberg





Kirwin Lindi



Over all, I am incredibly pleased with the way the book turned out. I am proud as an artist to be involved in such a large project. Every page is spectacular and unique. Thanks to everyone involved in the production of this publication, I would be more then glad to participate in the next volume and many after.


Best regards
Thomas F DeLany Jr



Today the marvellous book Vol III arrived! And it
looks great. I am very very happy and proud to be
in this wonderful row of great artists.


My goodness- what a quality of artworks!


Please give me a short information when Volume IV
is planed. I really want to be a part of it!!!


Many thanks for your great work and effort.


Claudia Birkheuer (Germany)



The book has arrived and has exceeded my expectations! A wonderfully curated group of artists from all corners of the globe. I really enjoyed the forward by Eve Lemonidou. The book itself has a very clean, chic appearance and a well chosen work of art for the cover and back of book. These books will make excellent presents for the holidays and I hope you and ICA Publishing, can get them into the museum gift shops, MOMA, PS1, Whitney, etc. I have no doubt they will sell. Thank you for your excellent craftmanship and care.


Erik Holzworth.



I got my books! It was wonderfully put together! You guys did an excellent job! Thank you so much! I can't wait to share it with everyone! I just used a lot of exclamation points, so that tells you how much I love it!


Lorey Griffin



I’ve got my books of International Contemporary Artists III in good condition. They are magnificent, you all have done a great work. I thank ICA Publishing for the excellent work they have done.
Thank you very much all of you.


Best regards.
Bakkach F.



Yesterday I received the books in good condition. They look attractive and carefully edited and my work is reproduced perfectly. I'm very satisfied with the book.


Thanks for your careful treatment.
Margot Dukker



I have received my books and am very happy with them. Thank you very much for that. It is a beautiful book and I would have bought it even if I would not be featured in it myself. I love looking at the different artists and their works. I think that people who are interested in art would be happy to purchase "International Contemporary Artists Vol III" and a lot of artists would be very interested in the book to use it as a reference.


Kind regards,
Hilda Lange



I wanted to inform you that I received both my copies yesterday and I am thrilled. The book is amazing and the quality is very professional. I am very thankful to have been included among such talented artists.


Thank You,
Monica Garcia



It is with pleasure I just received my books. They are very beautiful; the presentation, selection of the art pieces and printing quality are excellent.
Thanks to everyone involved in the production of this publication.


Congratulations for the work.


Daniel Jaslet



I have received my copies of the book and I must say it's wonderful. The print quality is outstanding and it's blooming with many talents from all over the world.


I appreciate it and I'm truly glad to be part of this project.


Best wishes,


Nawaf Alhmeli