It looks great and I’m very glad I am a part of it. When the book arrived, I was so excited.
It’s a fantastic work: colors, printing and design are perfect. The whole appearance is very professional.
The compilation of the artists is inspiring. It is an honor to belong to it. 
Finally your support throughout the process was excellent. 
Thank you so much for the opportunity, the work, the support and your kindness!


Jutta Wedemann



I have received my copies of your beautiful art book J Thank you for accepting my artwork and displaying it so artfully and tastefully in such a commemorative record.
It has pride of place in our lounge room and some of my clients are ordering their own copies through Amazon.


Cathy McClelland



The book is truly amazing and I am honored to be included.  The array of wonderful artwork is astonishing to say the least.  I keep the book on my coffee table for all to see.  You did a fabulous job and I can't wait for the next one!


Carol Staub



I got both books and everything was as expected.
Good with good printing and design.
I hope that the issue be successful before the public and that there is an acceptance on the part of gallery owners, for with the artists.
Receive the warmest greetings and until a next opportunity.


Augusto Grácio



The books arrived ok and I was very pleased with the quality of the pictures.
And as before, it was thrilling to see all the different works by the other artists and this book is a well of inspiration for us all to try out new techniques and to develop further what we are creating.

Best regards,

Anne Elisabeth Nittenberg



I had received the ICA books volume V in good shape.
Thank you for including my paintings in this high quality and prestigious latest ICA volume V. I am very proud to share this book with family and friends.


First of all, the ‘NOTE FROM THE PUBLISHER’ by Publisher, Curator Eve Lemonidou about what is art is beautifully insightful and thought evoking. I have spent most of my life contemplating “what is art”.


I love the hard cover, the paper stock, the print job and the color.
The layouts are tastefully arranged.


I look forward to the opportunity to attempt inclusion in your next volume.


Herb Sellin
Canadian Artist, Calgary



I’m very happy with the book. It is truly a beautiful book with great Artists and I’m very proud to have my work in this book


Thanks for asking and for all the work you have done for me.


Anneke Hansum
The Netherlands



Hi just wanted to say that both my books arrived safely and I think the I.C.A Vol 5 is really beautiful and even better than Vol 4. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity to be a part of something as special as the I.C.A books.


Jimmy Rice



I received the book last week.


I'm very happy and very proud to be part of such an outstanding high quality art book.


Thanks for letting me participate.


Benno Sökeland



I receive the volume V.  Thank you very much. This volume is very nice and congratulations for the choice of artists.
Lucille Marcotte



Congratulations to ICA Publishing for publishing 3 books so fast and so wonderfull.I am very happy to be part of having the opportunity to exhibit my works in such a cheap way and in the whole world.Thanks to Eve, Julia, Neil and the whole team for doing such a great job. You are amazing. Congratulations again.
God bless art and ICA Publishing..


Vlasta Krpensky Anderle



Dear Eve,


When invited to place pictures of my art in the first volume of the International Contemporary Artists book, I was most impressed when I enquired about the cost and was informed that I was only obliged to purchase 2 books and this would be the only cost to me, the artist. Having spent thousands of dollars in local publications I was impressed with the I.C.A.’s commitment to the artists to produce a high quality book for very little cost to the artist. Upon being invited into the second volume I informed many of the artists at my art school and six were chosen to be published. Again in the third and most recent volume another six artists from my school plus my own art were chosen to be published. All of the artists have been delighted with the results of this publication.


I would recommend the International Contemporary Artists publication to all artists as I have found them to be an extraordinary group, very helpful and supportive and always ready to assist the artists in their quest to have public recognition.


Madeleine Ekeblad



My name is Elisha Ben Yitzhak and I am an artist since 1965 with a long list of shows and publication about my art. Since I found the publication of the International Contemporary Artists at the highest quality I participated in their 2nd and 3rd editions and I intend to participate in the 4th edition as well. I find it despicable that anyone will spread malicious rumors about their books and I feel as offended as they are. I encourage every artist that value his/her work to publish their art in the International Contemporary Artists book. We should support quality publications and shows and avoid fights among artists.


If you have any questions or require more information please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Sincerely Yours,
Elisha Ben Yitzhak, Artist (USA)



I have received the book and it looks wonderful!
The book looks so professional and I love the artists chosen for the book.
I feel really honoured to be amongst them.


Thank you so much to the Inco.artists team for all your help, support and feedback.
I've already been in contact with an international gallery about having some of my works exhibited!
They will be showing in September 2012. Very exciting!
You've all been so great. Thanks again!


Kind Regards,
Aniva Fitisemanu



Wow! I just now had a chance to sit down and really look at the Vol. IV International Contemporary Artist. It is truly a beautiful book and I'm very proud to have my work included. The cover both front and back are just beautiful. You really outdid yourself this time! Kudos to all of you!


Carol Staub



Your book is wonderful and I am deeply honored to be in your quality’s selection.
It is a beautiful work of research, of exchange with you and of layout.


I am very happy with the result and thank you for your presence, your availability in trade and your commitment to allow artists like myself, to appear in an art book contemporary International; it's a amazing pub and big boost!


Thank you very much for everything and I am at your disposal for any new adventure together!!


Best regards
Nessa Citeau



I was so excited when the books arrived - am so pleased with the quality of the books. I have shown friends and family, and everyone is impressed with the quality of the paper used, the quality of the art works by various artists and the whole package. It is now my new 'coffee table book'.


Love the artwork chosen for the cover! It is of high calibre art and it breathes life, very refreshing. The Colours are also wonderful. I am truly honoured to be included in this wonderful book.


Thank you so very much for this opportunity.


Warmest Regards,
Tess Gould from sunny Queensland, Australia



I received the book (vol. IV) a couple of days ago. I was very happy to see that the high quality of the book was just what you said we should expect. Color and sharpening of the pictures on the glossy paper makes it look very professional. I feel very proud to be represented in the book together with so many fine artists.
I would very much like to participate in future books from ICA Publishing.

My best regards,
Annelie Sjödin Hallgren



Just to let you know my books arrived safely and I love them! They are so professional and have pride of place in my book collection. A pleasure as always working with you.
Kind regards,
Hazel Revington Cross


The book was a big surprise to me. Marvellous surprise!
I received it yesterday in my address. Great book! Beautiful book!
My participation in his book was a great honor for me.


Kind Regards
Ulysses Teixeira



Yes, i received my copies, shipped in great shape and i am most pleased with the books. The selection/range of artists/artworks is stunning. It is truly museum quality and everyone who has perused "International Contemporary Artists", volume IV, is most impressed. i can't wait to include it in all of my future gallery shows and art venues as a most powerful marketing piece. i will spread the word to get my fans to purchase copies as well. i thank you so much for making this a smooth and accomplished process and look forward to future opportunities.


Kevin e Collander



I received 2 books of 4th album of the international artists perfectly issued by you in which there are also my works (page 241) .Thank for the invitation - was very glad to participate in your project. Thank for the close (attentive) attitude (relation) to artists during preparation for the publication of their works and quality of an album. I want to recommend these books, as an interesting review of styles, currents, directions in the world (global) fine arts to the future invited participants. I hope for the further cooperation.


Alexander Shevelev



Received 2 books yesterday. As always, the quality of your publication is outstanding! Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to participate.


Best regards,



I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful book. It looks great! It is inspiring to see everyone else's art. Also, I appreciate how pleasant and easy it has been working with you.
So, thanks for a job well done.


All the best,
Carol Anne MacLean



Dear all,
Thank you so much for the prompt mailing of my two hard cover ICA volume 4 which i received yesterday afternoon.
The quality of the print and artworks is amazing and i am so happy to be represented in these copies.
My gratitude to the team of curators for the good work and to Julia who continually kept me posted on the progress.
Much regards


Anne Mwiti



I just received my two copies of ICA Volume IV, and it is awesome! Thank you so much for all your help setting everything up. It is now a permanent staple on my coffee table. What an amazing selection of artist you've chosen. I've already spent a lot of time lost in its pages, mesmerized by all the intoxicating images. It is quite an honor to be mixed in among such talented people. Thank you again so much for everything.


Congratulations on a great publication!
Michael Kays Dirksen



I received them safe and sound. The book is lovely. Colours of my artwork are perfect. And I really love the choice for the front cover.
Thank you so much again for including me.


Melissa Williams



I received the books today via First Class Mail from our post office. I am sure it took a lot of work to get everything organized from start to finish. The books are lovely. Although I am not an abstract artist, glancing at all those who paint abstract is tempting me to give it a try or two. I will enjoy my copies.


Yvonne Korotky



Just received the book and am very excited about it! The pictures are great and it's good to see such a variety of works. I'm glad to be a part of it.


Selena Wright



.... received the 3 books.... you and your team did a wonderful job with the lay out.... it is evident that a lot of time went into pairing one artist"s work with another. When the pages are open, the work on either side seemed to complement each other. That is not an easy task considering the number of artists that were highlighted. Job well done !


Jim Seitz



Hello Julia and all the team,
I confirm receipt of International Contemporary Artists , 2012 edition and I thank you for your high quality work on the selection of the artists and the graphic presentation of selected works!


Marian SAVA



The books arrived just now...... very lovely.... thank you very much.....it is a great joy being part of it...


With warmest regards and many thanks again


Ruth Stirnimann



I really liked the book. I liked the works of artists, the design of the book and the content of the preface. This book is one of the most beautiful ones which I have ever held in my hands. You made me a great gift.
I am a self-taught artist and engaged with computer graphics seriously only a few last years. The act that you have included my works into your books is very important for me. Now I feel more confident in my work as a painter.
Many thanks for everything.


Best Regards
Ronya Shvachka Israel



This is to announce that the two books have arrived this morning at my home in Rome and are in perfect condition.


Thank you very much for your assistance and professionalism.


Rodolfo Fincato



I inform you that i received your book and i was impressed.
I want to thank you for the careful work you made about the presentation of artists coming from different places of the world each of whom am i.
I wish you success in your future work.


Petraq Pecani