The book Vl is very impressive an it is a highlight in my live!!!
It makes me very happy and it is a wonderful and very beautiful book.
Thanks very much for your big effort and all the time it was needful for to print the art book.
You and your team have made a beautiful work!!!!
Thanks very much!!
All the best,god bless you!

Regi Hofmann

I am in love with the publication!  I am honored to have been included among so many amazing artists.  I believe you compiled the works of the most unique and talented artist around the world and show-cased many different forms of art.  Brava on an exquisite published book.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your publication.

Debby Sneed

I did receive the books and they look fabulous!  The design and layouts are of the highest quality but the incredible diversity of art and artists truly make this book special.  Great job!  It was an honor to be included.
Blu Smith

The quality of the book was exceptional and I was very happy to be in Volume VI.
Thank you for your quality work! I hope interests and inquiries will follow soon from galleries and art directors.


Marcell Puzsar


The copies that I ordered have arrived in great shape and in exceptional quality.
I appreciate the experience and opportunity that has come with my involvement in I.C.A. Publishing's sixth volume of "International Contemporary Artists" art book.
Please notify me if there are any additional publications you would like my work to be in and I will respond accordingly.

Thank you.
Joshhua Ray

 The whole production is very impressive, well thought out and informative. I enjoy the many different varieties and mediums used.
Really beautiful, and a pleasure to have some of my work in this publication.
Thank you very much.

Carol Banner.
Natural Fantasy (pastel & pencil art)


 I am really satisfied and I appreciate the high quality of the album. Professional work; Congratulations and thanks.

Stefan Balog
visual artist, president of the Inter-Art foundation, Romania

 THANKS for your amazing work!
I've received the books and they look so strong, professional and the variation is a strong point!
I'm very happy with the investment and love this result.
It's an honour to be part of this collection of artists.

A lot of respect for this end result!


Faryda Moumouh



It´s an amazing piece of art too!


Thank you for promoting and enlarge my work. All artists work!
Probably your support and disclosure will be the big responsible for the great increase off the carriers from some of us! :-)


Thank you very much!!!
Helena Lobato


 I just received my books today and I'm completely overwhelmed. The books are gorgeous, and the works included are amazing. I couldn't be happier with the publications. Thank you for your time and energy, and for including me in this edition. The books were far beyond what I was expecting.
Thank you so much,
Shawn Shannon

 I am pleased with the appearance and the high quality of the print.
It gives a great overview about contemporary art and artists!
Thank you for giving me the opportunity being a part of it.

Erwin Wuk


 This is the best catalogue of contemporary artists I have ever seen.
When I turn the pages I always have to stop and meditate over one and the other extraordinary artwork. The artworks are not only technically perfect but also in their message.
The less artworks of eventually lower quality disappear in the mass of outstanding works.

Gabriele Kunz


 The two copies of your new book did arrive yesterday. Again "first class"!
All of us like your approach, the quality of your work and the dedication of your team!

Helga Kreuzritter


 Thanks for the volumes of sent art, evidence of professionalism in the field of art, printing and presentation of the selected works.
Congratulations to your entire team for this outstanding work.

Thank you
Marian SAVA


 Dear Mrs. Lemonidou, Mrs. Antoniadou, Mrs. Adison, all great team of Incoartists,

I just get the book “International Contemporary Artists, volume 5”. Thank you! It is a very beautiful book, very good quality of publishing and strong interesting art. I am very happy again to be part of this book and would be happy again to encourage other artists to publish their works in your books


So, this is my comment about the book: 
“International Contemporary Artists” is a great book and was created with the help of real professionals as Publisher Mrs. Lemonidou, Editor Mrs. Antoniadou, Assistant Curator Mrs. Adison, all team of Inco artists. The publishers, curators and artists made a great job to make this book to be born. It is an honor for me to be selected for this book and I am really happy that also my works where included. The book is just wonderful and every volume of it proves to be very interesting original and unique. Dear publishers, editors and jurors of <<International contemporary Artists>>, dear friends - you are the best!


Thank you once again and I would be happy to know about new possibilities for artists in participation in your new books!

With kind regards,
Olga Kvassova



THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! I did receive both books and, boy, I am impressed. You and your team have really done a wonderful job, the selection of the cover page is excellent, and the quality of the book as a whole is top class. I am very happy to be on one amongst the 'pages'
 So, many thanks again to you all, and LOTS OF SUCCESS for any future volumes, I'll spread the news.


Traute Macom



Just received the books and have to say I am thrilled to bits with them. The quality and colours are great, very professional. You have restored some of my faith as another publisher approached me last year and having paid for a number of books, I am still waiting, and all emails to them have been ignored.
Once again, thank you so much.


Kind regards,
Carol Banner.



Thank you for the honor of being included in the publication * International Contemporary Artists*Vol.V.
I got 2 copies ordered in very good condition.
I am delighted for the Graphic conditions of publication and wish you success in the future editions.
With the hope of the future cooperation, I wish you and to all staff, a Happy New Year 2013!

Monica Dohotariu-Romania



I received the two copies of the International contemporary artists art book volume v: I would like to thank all of you for this amazing realization and for the high quality of all the artistic production; I'll try to get n touch with some of these great artists...
Hope to hear you again


Francesca Betti



A few days I received the two volumes of your publication. I was pleasantly surprised about the high quality of the printing and the overall format.
I like the content with all the websites and e - mail addresses clearly listed, and giving great insight into the current trend of contemporary art.
Once again: I 'm truly pleased and thank you again for the smooth completion of the project.
Best regards,
Lotte Pucher



The books have arrived in an unbelievable short time, almost together with your advance notice. The book is beautiful and we like it much.
Hopefully it will be as successful as the earlier ones. The pictures have been carefully selected and give a good overview of the diversity of today’s art all over the world.
Thank you again for your engagement.


Kind regards
Suzan Kaube



I just got the books this morning. Thank you very much.
I looked in it right away: I must say that the works are mostly of high quality, artistic and technical. Something to notice, because the “n’importe quoi” is rather fashionable nowadays. And the presentation and quality of reproduction are very good.
Thank you.


Best regards
Jacqueline Politis-Jobin



I received two books. They are beautiful. Your editing is remarkable. I think this book gives a good representation of contemporary art today. I am very happy to be presented in this book.






The book looks fantastic and arrived without a scratch.

If you are planning an exhibition count me in!

Glenn West.


The books arrived.  They look very fine.  I like especially the large size.  Thank you and congratulations on your publishing efforts.   


Best regards,   
Frances Alpern 



We have received the books. We are very thankful to you, books are wonderful. Colors of printed paintings are rendered very good.
Thank you!


Best regards
Elena Kulik and Elena Kulik junior



Good reception of your volume five, realization beautiful,
Thank you for you professionalism and seriousness.
Soon for your next edition




It is with pleasure I just received my two books. I am very happy of the presentation, selection of the art pieces and printing quality.
Thanks to everyone involved in the production of this publication.
Congratulations for the work.




I am just letting you know I got my copies.  This is a beautiful and intriguing book again and I am very pleased with the reproduction of my own images.
Thanks again for all your assistance.


Carolanne MacLean



We received the books, they are really beautiful and luxurious, you did a great work, we are satisfied and honored to be in it.
Thanks to all of you.


Isabelle & Thierry Vobmann 



Today I received two copies of my book hardcover.
They are really fabulous and I'm very proud to be in this group
of great masters of Contemporary Art. Your work is very important.
My sincere congratulations to all your team for this book so valuable.
I will always be available to publicize your book in my art.
Thanks a lot.


 Antonio Cristo



I just wanted to write and say that I received the books and they are gorgeous! So honored to be included in the publication again. Please keep me in mind for future opportunities!


All the Best,
Angela Young



I am glad to inform you that I have received my copies of the V volume of the International Contemporary Artists book, where my works presented among others.
One more time I was amazed of the book publishing quality and very pleased to participate in it.
I would be glad to take part again.

Thank you for your work and happy holidays.

Best regards
Alexander Shevelev



I received this morning the packet containing the two books which are marvellously wall made.
You did a work of high quality. BRAVO!!!!
My congratulations to all those who have taken part in the realization of this beautiful work.
Express gratitude.

 Albert Benhaim



I received the books and absolutely Love It. It's beautifully done, professional, plus the selected artists are skilled and accomplished. It "feels" curated and I like the vision.
Thank you so very much.

Susan Schiesser



I am pleased to inform you that the book arrived in perfect condition. Thank you very much for your work. It's really beautiful! The book is perfect and beautiful!
I am struck by a large variety of works of the author of the included. You feel that the world is round. I am honored for his work to be very pleased with this project. The print quality, color and speed of publication.


Pavel Ostapcev, (Latvia)