I.C.A Publishing, is a publishing company which was established in 2001.
Since 2003 I.C.A has focused exclusively on art books. (monographs, gallery guides, art catalogues, etc).
The company was founded by Olga Antoniadou and Eve Lemonidou, both devoted in promoting art all over the world.

Eve Lemonidou

Eve LemonidouEve Lemonidou is a publisher and curator for ICA publishing. Over the years she has acquired an outstanding eye for art and has developed an exceptional criterion. Her genuine passion for art, aesthetics and quality has resulted in a remarkable career. She has organized several art exhibitions and shows internationally and has become a devoted art collector, renowned and respected by both artists and her colleagues.

Olga Antoniadou

Olga AntoniadouOlga Antoniadou is the editor and curator of ICA publishing. She has always been a true art lover and has devoted many years in the study of art history. She has carried out exemplary research on many famous artists throughout the years and her work has been published in many art magazines. Her deep understanding of visual art and her constant research has gained the respect of the artistic world. Her writings are an eloquent testimonial of her inspired vision of art and aesthetics.