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Art is something we have always considered essential in life; not only does it offer a new perspec-
tive in the way we view things, but it also makes life prettier and more bearable. It is a unique
form of expression and communication - beyond and above words - it gives people the chance to
understand different cultures and ideas. Therefore, it deserves our outmost respect and undivided
It definitely takes more than just talent to become successful, especially in a market as tough as
the art industry. This is why so many different publications, e-shops, blogs, not to mention the -
by now- traditional galleries, magazines, art shows and exhibitions were first created: In order to
promote art, to become a link between the artists and their work on one hand and potential buy-
ers and art collectors on the other,
Thus, came the inevitable. For the promotion industry Artwork has become nothing more than any
other commercial product. In many ways artists and their work are selected to participate in shows,
exhibitions, publications etc in direct proportion not to their artistic value, but to their potential
profit to the gallery owner, the curator, the publisher and so on.
Without looking down on all those who make money by promoting or selling art we feel necessary
to point out that this kind of work should be done with care and attention, by people who not
only understand the market but above all have a genuine passion for art, a high level of respect
for the artists, and the credentials to prove it.
This is the main reason why our publishing house, ICA Publishing, has focused solemnly on pub-
lishing art books, and of course this is how the idea of the "International Contemporary Artists"
book itself was born.
This idea was embraced by 262 artists from 42 countries all over the world andthis is why we
believe that “International Contemporary Artists” has so much to offer both to the artists and to
the readers.

Eve Lemonidou
Publisher, Curator
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