Call to artists


International Contemporary Artists

Artists from all over the world present their works in a museum quality art book

“International Contemporary Artists” is a series of art books aiming to connect artists and
the art world in a direct and effective way.
Artists are invited to submit their work for selection in order to be included in the book.
The selection is carefully made by a team of qualified jurors so as to ensure quality standards.

Aims and goals

International Cotemporary call for artists“International Contemporary Artists” is a series of art books aiming to connect artists and the art world in a direct and effective way.
It takes more than talent for artists to become successful.
They have to be part of a process that ensures that their work is seen and appreciated by potential buyers, exhibitors, galleries, etc.

It is common knowledge to all artists how important it is to show their work in exhibitions, shows, publications, in order to reach a vast audience and find their way to success. It is also important to create a background that will help them in future projects.
Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Dedication to art and hard work is not enough for an artist whose aim is to be successful.
It is a fact that art collectors prefer “published artists” while considering a potential buy.
Our goal is to present the artists’ personal visions, their ability to present a new view of life and transform something ordinary to a beautiful artwork.

Benefits & Cost

Benefits of artists“International Contemporary Artists” art book makes it possible for artists to overcome the difficulties posed by an extremely rough and competitive market.

• It promotes the artwork of emerging and established artists to a vast public of art lovers, art collectors, gallery owners, curators, etc.

• It reaches out to a qualified audience.

• It makes artists more accessible.

• It provides an additional mean of exposure in an affordable cost.

There is no participation or entry fee.
The only requirement is to buy two copies of the book.
You can find additional information in FAQ page.


Distribution & Publicity

Distribution of artists“In.Co. Artists” distribution is made internationally through large wholesalers and e-shops, such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more.
The book is distributed without any cost to major galleries and museums in the U.S and in Europe too.
The company has a large (off-line) database which includes 15.000 contacts from 65 countries (art collectors, curators, etc) and is regularly sending newsletters and press releases to galleries, museums and to over 70.000 subscribers all over the world.

How do I submit?

Submissionof artistsArtists who are interested in showing their work in In.Co. Artists art book must send for review:
• 4-6 artworks (JPEG in high resolution-300dpi, including details of the works, such as title, size, medium, year)
• An essay or a statement no more than 80 - 100 words. (preferably written in the third person)
Media accepted:
Painting, mixed media, decorative art, design, caricature, sketching, drawing, collage, fiber art, sculpture, pottery, digital art, 3D art, photography, installations, prints..


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